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Blame it on NIMBYism or an increasing anti-growth attitude, or the quick spread of misinformation via social media. No matter what you call it, it’s ‘the state of the world’ where every needed new project takes longer than it should to get approved, if it gets done at all…

When you have a great project but you foresee challenges ahead, we can save you time and money with an effective strategy specifically designed to offset the opposition or unawareness you face and achieve your objective.

Case Study / 01

Uplands - An Infill Mixed-Use Community Focused On "Missing Middle" Housing

A planning process that should have taken a max of 18-months took nearly five years given fierce opposition, an outdated city comp plan, and a divided council. Uplands had a great story, but it was overshadowed by misinformation spread by a small group of neighbors on social media, eventually reaching mainstream media and influencing the local elections.

We were brought in mid-way through the process and quickly developed new messaging focused on key aspects of the development that we knew city council and stakeholders were interested in – deed-restricted affordable and workforce housing; parks and public spaces; environmental sustainability; and multi-modal transportation mobility. All this messaging culminated in a new website, factsheets, infographics, a monthly newsletter, and more, that helped the community development team win approval. 

The master development plan, approved in December 2021, will lead to: 2,350 desperately needed housing units (including 300+ deed-restricted affordable and dedicated senior housing); 47 acres of accessible parks, protected view corridors, and public spaces; bike lanes and trails; and a walkable village center with local shops, restaurants, and retail.

Later, in 2022, we helped message the need for a metro district service plan with $60 million bonding capability that was approved and will support the construction of roads, sidewalks, traffic mitigation, water and sewer infrastructure, and parks and trails that are absolutely essential before any homes can be built.


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